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Dear Friend,

I'm passionate about carpet maintenance.

Since 1977, the network of professional I'm a part of have been beautifying and maintaining homeowners carpets with the safest and most effective method ever developed.

And now that my company has been granted Keep It Clean™ program status, I’m willing to make you a one-of-a-kind offer that demonstrates how committed I really am to earning your business.

Here’s My Big Promise To You

“Your First Annual Cleaning ...Is ON ME!”

Once you've entered your ACCESS CODE above and then fill in the rest of your information on the next page then that's it - your done! 

I'll contact you about your FREE annual warranty cleaning in about 11 months and we'll schedule a time to come and clean the open areas of your recently installed carpet up to 300 sq.ft without any further commitments, obligations or “binding contracts.”

If you wish to have other areas cleaned or any of our other services performed, I promise you'll receive the best cleaning experience you've ever had at a fair price. But if you don’t wish to continue with us, we’ll simply part as friends. Sound fair?

Did you know... that your new carpet carries a very valuable warranty from the manufacturer that is render NULL AND VOID if you don't have it professionally maintain on a regular basis by a carpet cleaning company that is using a manufacturer approved method?

Did you know... that many recent allergy studies have shown convincing evidence that properly maintained carpets are much "healthier" than hard flooring, especially for those with breathing problems, simply because carpets "trap" and hold on to pollutants for easy removal. Pollutants that would otherwise be lofted back into the air ...and into yours and your families lungs.

And, did you know... that modern carpet is designed to "hide" large quantities of soiling so that by the time traffic lanes and wear starts to show, some permanent damage has already occurred.

Pretty important information, wouldn't you say. That’s why I want you to sign-up now for your FREE 1-Year Anniversary Cleaning. By doing so you'll also gain exclusive members only access to our Keep It Clean™ web site that is choked full of important information like; how to deal withs life's little spills and accidents, manufacturer approved carpet care instructions and lots of the latest information to help you maintain indoor air quality.

Download Our Free Special Report

Once you've registered for your free cleaning and are inside our Keep It Clean™ web site, if you want to find out if your home's IAQ is measuring-up to the standards you know you and your family deserve , I want you to download my Free Special Report called, “7 IAQ Tips Most Drug Companies Hope You Overlook.

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Common Questions Finally, if you have any questions about our program Keep It Clean™, click the FAQ Tab to find a list of the 9 most commonly asked questions and answers.

Only One Thing Left To Do...

By now, I think you know how passionate I am about carpet maintenance and I do hope our paths cross often. I'm committed to earning your business, even if it’s a year from now. So go ahead and click here to go to the top of this web page and fill-in your private ACCESS CODE.

All the best,

P.S. Click here to read the 9 Most Commonly Asked Questions about Keep It Clean™.

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